Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Ride Postponed

It is with great disappointment that we announce the postponement our 2010 RIDE Across MI (RAM) to raise $30,000 for the Nepal Orphanage--School building. My parents have encouraged me to look forward with great hope and faith for 2011. We will RIDE again and we will raise the money to help build the school.

Thank you for all your support. We will need more volunteers to assist with planning, camping, cooking and miscellaneous pre-RIDE details in 2011. If you are interested, please email us at

Looking forward,


Friday, September 25, 2009

RIDE 2010...

Have two wheels and passion? We will provide the purpose.

Where to go and how many will join Cycling4Hope as we ride with passion to raise funds for the next endeavor?

My goal for 2010 is $30,000! Together with friends, riders and associates we can do it.

Stay tuned to our blogspot to see what's next. Coming soon.....RIDE 2010


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Next for Cycling4Hope?

As of this week, we have raised $9,812.00 cash for our project in Raj, India. Are you amazed.? I still am. Our anonymous donor is probably anxious for us to finish our fundraising but we have been hustling to gather all the pledges and gifts that were promised and they are nearly all in. We are just shy of $10k by $200.00. This will leave only $6,000 for the anonymous giver. (BTW if you are reading this blog, thank you whoever you are.!)

This week we started "shopping" for another project for next summer. We have adults and students alike asking to join our Cycling4Hope! With the help of my parents and some other well connected, mission oriented adults, we are going to open it up and ask others to join us riding and raising money for a REALLY BIG PROJECT....but what?! Stay tuned while we prayerfully consider what's next.

We have to decide soon because the media is asking, "what's next for cycling4hope?"

We are praying that God will bring us something bigger that will challenge us and, our followers who have come alongside to help us raise the money this summer for the school transportation vehicle in India.

I can hardly wait to hear the response and see photos of the faces of the kids climbing into their NEW RIDE in Raj, India.

Monday, August 10, 2009

NICK NEWS by Nickelodeon for Kids posts story about Cycling 4 Hope!

Cycling 4 Hope by Nickelodeon Nick News

400 miles is a long way to ride on a bicycle.

"I've never ridden this far before," said 13-year-old Andrew Bennett, in an interview with the Holland Sentinel, his local newspaper in Holland, Michigan.

But from July 21st to July 27th, Andrew, his 15-year-old sister and two friends rode their bikes from Holland to Mackinaw City, Michigan - a 400-mile trip - to raise money for kids in India.

The four Michigan kids hope to raise $16,000 to buy a van for kids who live in a children's home in the Indian city of Rajnandgaon.

15-year-old Barrett Mills said he heard about the Indian kids from his father, who met the director of the children's home while visiting Bangladesh last year.

(Bangladesh and India are neighboring countries.)

Barrett says his father told him about the jeep the kids have to ride to school in right now - a jeep that's nearly 50 years old.

"The jeep is constantly breaking down, almost every day," Barrett said, in an interview with the Grand Traverse Insider, which is another Michigan newspaper. "They can't keep paying the repair bills. So I decided then I had to try and do something."

"Something" turned out to be the "Ride Across Michigan 4 Hope."

Mills got 15-year-old Ben Zelent to join him on the ride, along with Andrew and Abby Bennett.

The four set off from Holland, Michigan on July 21st.

According to Insider reporter Colin Merry, Barrett's father followed the four riders in a camper for safety, along with Andrew and Abby's father.

"My aunt and uncle will be coming along with a camper, too," Barrett told Merry before the ride. "They've offered to be the camp cooks."

The riders blogged about their journey along the way.

On Monday the 27th, they posted the following message: "WE DID IT WE MADE IT WE DID IT ... MACKINAW BRIDGE IS (IN) OUR VIEW."

Barrett's father is rightfully proud of his son and the other riders.

"This is about kids helping kids," Tim Mills told Merry. "How could I stand in the way of that?"

According to media reports, the kids had already raised $7,000 going into the ride.

They're working with a group called World Hope International to try to raise the rest.

According to Barrett, it's all about giving the Indian kids an opportunity to get a good education - an education that could lead to a better life.

"This children's home, they're offering (the Indian kids) hope and an opportunity," Barrett told Sentinel reporter Stephen Kloosterman. "Without (a new van), they don't have the opportunity."

"I think (the bike ride) sets a good example for other kids," Andrew added. "(It shows) that they can help out, too."

Friday, August 07, 2009

Special Thanks to our Families


Youth Pastors', Lance and "Kujo". Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

Note: Cycling4Hope made the newspaper, front page, full color!

More photos coming...

Between the four of us we found more photos.

People ask me if I am journaling. I would rather ride my bike 400 miles than write a journal but I am trying to keep notes here on the blog. And I just spent days writing thank you notes.

Stay tuned to the blog site. We have passion. Do you have the passion to make a difference? How about riding with us next year to make a difference? You won't want to miss our news. The media has grabbed our story and it is spreading everyday. "Ride along for now" on the blog and be inspired to join us...

Ride Across Michigan

Ride Across Michigan
Chillin on the Trail

RAM Daily Itinerary -

Day 1 Tuesday, July 21

Holland to Duck Lake

Day 2 Wednesday, July 22

Duck Lake to Ludington

Mason County Campground, 7609 Chauvez Rd. Site 8

Day 3 Thursday, July 23

Ludington to Frankfort

Betsie River Campground

Day 4 Friday, July 24

Frankfort to Elk Rapids

Honcho Rest RV Resort, Cairn Hwy (Ames St.)
Location TBD – Call Tim for details

Day 5 Saturday, July 25
Elk Rapids to Petoskey
KOA, US Hwy 31

Day 6 Sunday, July 26
Petosky to Mackinac City – ETA = 2:00 PM
Mackinac Mill Creek Camping, US23 Lake Huron Waterfront

Day 7 Monday, July 27
Mackinac Island/Head 4 Home

Pastor 'Kujo" and CWC Youth Group

Pastor 'Kujo" and CWC Youth Group
Just a few who challenged me with 'seed' money & encouragement THANK YOU